Most of us need GOALS to keep motivated to TRAIN with INTENSITY and CONSISTENCY. For some NOMADs, taking body measurements and transformation photos is adequate. For others, there may be a race that they would like to conquer in the near future. For those that need something additional, we have created our NOMAD LEADER BOARDS. These LEADER BOARDS provide a set of athletic challenges that you can take over time, to see how you’re progressing, or to compete with other NOMADs. If you decide to take on one of these challenges, be sure to let one of our coaches know, so that they can explain the rules and record your results. NOW Get After It! NOMAD Be Happy 🙂

*NOMAD HQ Course: 1 Mile Run/Rope Climb/.25 Mile Run/NOMAD Rig/.25 Mile Run/NOMAD Rock Traverse/.25 Mile Run/NOMAD Wall Traverse/.25 Mile Run/NOMAD Peg Board/.25 Mile Run/.25 Mile 50# DB Farmer Carry/1 Mile Run